List of data which is necessary to develop the project documentation to build AGNKS
Document type Name of Authority which provides the document
1 А. Permission of Executive Committee of the City to start designing It is prepared by the Local Authority, it is issued by Executive Committee of the city, region
Б. Permission of Executive Committee of the City to grand land plot.
(Project of land reservation in rent or property).
It is prepared by the Local Authority, it is issued by Executive Committee of the city, region
2 Land plot supervision Act by city authorities (land plot choice Act) Customer
3 Architecture and planning task City Architecture Authority, Regional Authority
4 Extract from the city general plan with object and boundaries indication.
5 Conclusion of the city Sanitary-Hygienic Laboratory (SHL) on the plot (according to the inspection act) City SHL
6 Conclusion of the Fire Inspection on the plot
(according to the inspection act)
Fire Safety Management Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city, region
7 Conclusion of the Environmental Inspection on the plot
(according to the inspection act)
Environmental Inspection Authority
8 Background  concentration of harmful substances at the AGNKS construction site Local centre of hydrometeorology (according to the Customer order)
9 Technical conditions on transportation and pedestrian motion State Auto Inspection of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city, region
10 Technical conditions on Electricity Supply (power 150 kWt) Regional Energy center according to the questionnaire and at the Customer's request
11 Technical conditions on gas supply
(gas losses 400 m3/pressure time 0,05-0,2 MPa)
Enterprise which exploits the local gas pipelines
12 Technical conditions on heat supply
( heating of the operator's cabin 180 m3)
Enterprise which exploits the heat network
13   Technical conditions on water supply and sewerage
Technical conditions on  external fire fighting (10 liters /second)
Water Supply and Sewerage Authority at the questionnaire and Customer's request
14 Technical conditions on connecting to the rain sewerage Enterprise which exploits the rain sewerage
15 Technical conditions on telephone connections Ukrainian telecom company
16 Technical conditions on radio Ukrainian telecom company
17 AGNKS design task Customer together with general designer
18 Tasks to design the engineer networks by the subcontracted enterprise (gas supply etc) Customer together with general designer sub-designer
19 Technical conditions or agreement on building constructions and material Customer together with general designer  and Contractor
20 Raw data to make up the costing documentation Customer together Contractor
21 Engineering and geological estimation m 1:500 m 1:2000 Licensed Prospector enterprise at the request of the Customer and Designer
22 Engineering and geological investigation Licensed Prospector enterprise at the request of the Customer and Designer
23 Buildings supervision Act if the current AGNKS is reconstructed Customer
24 Technical documenatation on existent buildings (if applicable) Customer
Documentation which allows to start the project costing documentation:

1. Local authority permission for the design and survey works:
2. Act of choosing and investigating the land plot.
3. Documentation from the State Committee on energy supply, nature protection etc.
4. Specification on energy, gas, water supply, sewage removal, telephone. A copy has to be taken from the general plan.
5. A copy from the general plan, scale 1:500.
6. Situation plan, scale 1:2000 or 1:5000.
7. Geological survey.
8. Raw data to calculate the Environmental impact.
Order of developing the working project and necessary input data for design:

1. Decision of the state city (region) Administration to build AGNKS.

2. Decision of the state city (region) Administration to start the construction works.

3. A commission to make the Act of choosing and investigating of the land plot for AGNKS construction. It consists of:

Chairman of the commission from the city Administration, Commission members from Organizations and Departments:
Land resources
Chief architect
Environment (inspection)
Fire inspection
• State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate
Traffic Department
Water supply and sewerage
Regional Energy center
Gas supply and Sewerage
Ukrainian telecom company

4. Act and the following conclusions have to proceed the procedure of choosing the land plot:
City Architect
Land resources

Technical conditions have to be issued for:
4.1 GAs supply of AGNKS (technological and input data goes from JSC "Sumygazmash")
4.2 Gas supply for heating the operator's cabin (the questionnaire is filled out by JSC "Sumy Promproject")
4.3 Electricity supply
4.4 Water supply and sewerage (the questionnaire is filled out by JSC "Sumy Promproject")
4.5 Installation of telephones
4.6 State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate
4.7 Traffic
4.8 Fire Inspection
4.9 Personnel Health Service

In the result of collecting all the data the Customer with the Planner compose "Task for developing the working project" and pass it on to the Architecture.
The chief Architect of the city makes up the Architecture and planning task and files the above mentioned information in a book called "Input data for Design". It should also contain a copy from the situation plan and the area with 130 meter surroundings scheme. If connection tubes exceed the radius of 130 meters, then the scheme must track them. Any deviation of norms have to be settled out with respective Authorities or bodies.

In order to compile the report on Environmental impact, the following data have to be received:

Кроме того, для разработки раздела «Оценка воздействия на окружающую среду» необходимо получить:
1. Intentions statement.
2. Task to develop the environmental impact materials.
3. Meteorological features and dispersion ratios.
4. Background pollution.

 The following requirements have to be met to choose the right land plot:

1. No living quarters, places of mass accumulation of people around 100meters from AGNKS (in many cases it is a rectangular 0.4 hectare spot).

2. Distance from the gas accumulators and dispensers:
- to industrial plants and other facilities - no less than 60 meters;
- to railway stations, tracks of general destination of I, II category - no less than 150 meters;
- to conifer woods - 20 meters;
- to the air transmission lines - 1,5 times of the AGNKS candle.

3. Presence of nearby gas pipelines, with max overpressure - no less 0.1 MPa. The pipeline has to provide maximum gas consumption at AGNKS, no less 576 normal m3 per hour.
4. Presence of the transformer substation of air transmission lines for power supplies at the level 98 kWt (reccomended power of the substation should be 400 kWt)5. Maximal proximity to roads, highways and placed of gas consuming vehicle concentration.

6. The required area for AGNKS is no less than 0.4 hectare.

For the final choice of the land plot situation plans of 1:2000 scale and copies of 1:500 scale have to be provided.

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