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What is AGNKS? This acronym stands for Motor-vehicle Gas Refueling Compressor Station. It is often referred to as Compressed Natural Gas Station (CNG station).
What do the numbers standing after AGNKS mean? -(45, 60, 75, 140, 200, 400) They denote the minimum number of vehicles which can be refueled, taking into account that for one refuel a vehicle consumes 55 m3 and the station load ratio is 80%.
What is inlet overpressure? It is minimal pressure in the gas network or the initial pressure at the entry to the station, measured in MPa or kgf/cm2.
What is methane? Methane is compressed natural gas (CNG). It is the main component of the natural gas, flammable. It produces almost no poisonous combustion materials.

Methane is used for household purposes in inhabited settlements. But we are interested in different application to it, precisely - as motor fuel for vehicles. Natural methane density is thousand times lower on petrol. Therefore if the amount of gas equal to petrol is fuelled, it will need a 1000 times bigger vessel. In order not to haul a fuel truck behind, gas density has to be increased.  It can be achieved by compressing methane to 20-25 MPa (2000-250 atmospheres). For this purpose specially designed pressure vessels are installed in vehicles.

What are the advantages of using methane as automobile fuel?

Economical benefits

  • At the same level of consumption for every 100 km the cost of gas is 2-3 times lower on the cost of petrol or diesel fuel.
  • The life time of the motor oil increases by 2 times.
  • The work of engine becomes softer on methane with no detonation in cycles, the octane number of gas is 110.
  • The life time of spark plugs increases by 40%.
  • Conversion of a vehicle into natural gas consumption does not require a constructive alteration of the engine.

Environmental benefits

  • Toxicity of exhaust gases falls: carbon oxide by 5-10 times, carbohydrates by three times, nitric oxide by 1.5 - 2.5 times.
  • The noise level of the engine drops by 2 time.


  •  Methane is easier that air by 1.6 times. Therefore if leaked it evaporates at once creating no highly explosive substance.
What vehicles can be converted to methane consumption? All trucks, cars including those with the injector engines can be converted to methane consumption.
Typical bundling of AGNKS:
  1. Compressor block.
  2. Block of inlet cocks (with gas register bundle).
  3. Control system.
  4. Block of accumulators - 3m3 of volume.
  5. Dispenser KPG-2.
  6. Complex automated control system KPG-2 (for a dispenser suite).
  7. Spare parts.
  8. Accompanying technical documentation.
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