At the same level of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers the cost of gas is 2-3 times down compared to gasoline or diesel. Using gas increases the service life of the engine and motor oil by 2 times, life time of  spark plugs by 40 %. Work of engine on methane becomes softer, there is no detonation in either cycle, the octane unit of gas is 110. Conversion of a vehicle to compressed gas consumption does not require constructive alteration of the engine.
Researches in the field of toxicity both in Ukraine and abroad show that when converted towards consumption of compressed gas, emission of poisonous substances decreases:

carbon oxide by 5-10 times;
hydrocarbon by 3 times;
nitric oxide by 1.5 - 2.5 times;
The noise level of the working engine decreases by 2 times.


Methane is easier that air, therefore when leaked it evaporates not creating highly explosive mixture.

Production of equipment for work with gas requires a serious approach to the quality of products. Therefore the system of quality management is subjected to the international standard ISO 9001:2000. The products are certified for compliance. The Certificates were issued by the Russian Federation № РОСС UA.АЯ45.ВО3061 and permission of the State Technical Supervision Department of Russia to use AGNKSs which was issued by the Federal Mining and Industrial Supervision department of Russia № РРС 02-803.

The products of the company are successfully being used and bring profits to their owners in Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan.

Let's go back to the production range which is produced by JST PEC "Sumygazmash". One more type of equipment should be mentioned. Gas dispensers KPG-1, KPG-1A and KPG-2 are manufactured at the production site. These measurement devices allow:

  • measure volume, and dispenser KPG-2 - weight of the gas;
  • calculate the price of fuelled gas;
  • to fuel amount of gas of particular volume, money paid or fuel the vessels to the full;
  • set the price of gas;
  • set gas density;
  • view reports on gas fuelled (data on the time of refuel, volume, price and money paid during a certain period). The data can be stored in energy-independent memory.

 The dispensers have protective features to prevent emergency cases: automatic shutoff of refueling when the pressure of gas in the pressure vessels is above 19.6 MPa (200 kgf/sm2), automatic disconnection of hoses with no damage to them, simplified procedure of disconnecting hoses from a vehicle once it has started motion with a hose still connected to it. 

Dispensers can work both from the separate control panel and in the unitary computer system of up to 8 dispensers. This uses the unique system of the upper level which allows an operator to manage the refueling process of several dispensers. It also allows to a summary report about the money and volume of fueled gas on each dispenser.

The production of dispensers started in 1999. The first ones were KPG-1 and KPG-1A. Already in 2001 the model range increased. A new generation dispenser KPG-2 was produced. Its main advantage is the weight flowmeter. It allows to measure the weight of gas with high precision. The dispenser also has modern european design. For today the total volume of sold dispensers is more than 450 units. 

After all there is a network of stationary AGNKSs in Russia, most of which are almost depleted because they have been in operation since 1980th. Functional and physical depreciation of dispensers is large. For this reasoning the current situation in some regions of Russia is not capable to meet the demand of the growing number of compressed gas consuming vehicles.

Due to this JSC PEC "Sumygazmash" proposes carrying out a complex of work aimed at balancing the work of the current AGNKSs and increasing their capacities by installing additional compressed air units and replacing the existing CNG stations for new ones. As the customer wishes, there is a proposal to install block-container type or stationary AGNKSs next to the large-size AGNKS. Additional AGNKS-75 can increase the number of cars refueled by 150 units for a day or by 25-40 %. The costs of construction and mounting additional AGNKS-75 will be cut: energy communications (gas, electricity, water) are already at the site, there is no need to build another operator's cabin. Staff working at the large-size AGNKS can easily cope with AGNKS-75. This will greatly cut the net cost of the compressed gas. Installation of new dispensers will increase the measurement precision of fueled gas and allow to remove malfunctioning and disuse of dispensers. Smaller queues at the station will be an additional incentive for vehicle owners to convert their cars to economical and environmentally clean type of fuel, which is the natural gas.

Thus drawing up the conclusions, attention it should be paid to such facts as:
Environmental compatibility and economic efficiency of equipment produced by JSC PEC "Sumygazmash".
- Serial production at the own site.
- Small-size plates are required for the equipment.
- The station can work at pressure 0,5 - 74 kgf/sm2.
- Absence of the idle run to the station because they will be installed near customers.
- Opportunity of automatic registration and commercial  accounts for the gas fueled.
- High measurement precision of fueled gas (error not more 1%).
- Technical and economic assessment and business plan of AGNKS installation.
- "Turnkey" installation.
- Back-up service, customer service.
- Teaching of the staff to work on the station.

The staff of JSC PEC "Sumygazmash" is ready for business both in the traditional sphere and new areas. We have sufficient production capabilities and skilled labour at our disposal.

We can become your partners in any joint projects: from large-scale investments to developing the cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing. We will do our best on our part for the cooperation to be mutually beneficial and develop in a reasonable bargaining, mutual concession and respect.

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