JSC Production and Energy Company "Sumygazmash" is a designer and manufacturer of technologies and equipment which allow to utilize in mass amounts the alternative fuel  energy, precisely that of natural and by passing oil gas. It is common knowledge that the issue of methane refueling is quite relevant for today. Demand for this type of fuel grows every day. The current situation should and has to be balanced. Utilization of Motor-vehicle Compressed Natural Gas Refueling Stations (hereinafter AGNKSs) of commercial, garage type or as a part of multifuel Gas stations opens up the limits of a gas station. Selling methane provides a profitable business, becomes basic or additional form of income. In should be noted that commercial refueling stations take that exact market niche, which equally competes with other types of fuel and is capable of bringing a high profit.


Searches for cheap and environmentally clean sources of energy in most developed countries have led to replacement of liquid motor fuel of petroleum origin for compressed natural gas (methane). Tax and other financial incentives have played a major role in it. Foreign states facilitate purchasing new equipment and construction of gas refueling stations in all possible ways: VAT and sales tax relieves. It is there, in the West. Unfortunately,  this issue is not addressed properly in CIS countries. For today there are a variety of factors which detain using gas motor fuel on transportation. Each country has its own, but there are common: lack of funding for state ecologisation and gasification programs, outdated codes of design, and the consequences are the undeveloped network of AGNKSs.

AGNKS belonging to an enterprise opens up great opportunities. "Night refueling" mode, when vehicles get the compressed natural gas directly from the compressor into pressure vessels through the refueling ramp, allows to load AGNKS even in the off-work time. In the day one refuel takes less time because it takes place trough the dispensers and block of accumulators which receive compressed gas from the compressor. Therefore an enterprise can use the station in its own purposes and commercial discharge of gas. In the latter case the payback period decreases greatly. The night and day refuels decrease stand by time of vehicles and the station itself, thus increasing productivity.  

Well, the profitability of this direction of the refueling business is obvious from all sides and for entities, both natural and juridical ones. Amongst the producers of this equipment the production and energy company "Sumygazmash" is the only enterprise which serially produces AGNKSs and has a great experience in this field. History of our company started on October, 5th 1970 and accounts for 30 years of fruitful work. Provision of enterprises with goods of production destination, supply of transportation services, construction and woodworking  - is an incomplete list of activity directions and services provided by the company.

Since 1994 JSC PEC "Sumygazmash" has become the leading designer and serial producer of CNG refueling stations and gas dispensers of new generation to go along with them to fuel vehicles with compressed natural gas - methane in Ukraine and CIS countries.
"Gazmash" plant was the first among CIS countries to master production of small-size AGNKSs and already has been selling them for 12 years to Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, Armenia and Georgia. In particular within the Moscow program of transport ecologisation, the equipment was installed in Moscow on 41 autocentres.
The first AGNKS-45 was manufactured by the company in 1995. Later on the model line was replenished with AGNKS-60 and AGNKS-75 models. Such stations can be placed on a small foundation plate and connected to the city low pressure pipeline network (0.5 - 2 kgf/cm2). Supplied with refuel ramps they allow "slow refueling" during the night time to refuel own vehicles and "commercial refueling" of vehicles through the dispensers. These basic pieces of equipment have proved to be reliable and effective. Tested by the time they completely justify funds invested by customers. Sale volumes are about 30 suites every year.
The market dictates its own conditions and demands quick solutions to new tasks from its participants. One of them was a need in more powerful equipment. Taking this into account in 2003 the company produced new AGNKS-200, AGNKS-400 of the block-container type with inlet pressure 5-11 and 25-43 kgf/cm2 respectively. These stations are of higher productivity (200 and 400 refuels per day) and low energy costs.

Main discrepancies of AGNKS-200 and AGNKS-400 form other models:

- Operation from gas-main pipeline
- Gas net cost of gas production is lower that with basic models.

 This is not an end to engineering development and searches for optimal solutions to create new gas-consuming equipment. At the moment the technical specialists of JSC PEC "Sumygazmash" have worked out new specimen products: AGNKS-140 with inlet pressure of 3-5 kgf/сm2 and AGNKS-600 with 43-75 kgf/сm2 pressure.
The new models are designed for the commercial refueling of vehicles, they are supplied with a Complex Gas Volume Registration system (CGVRS), gas accumulators with volume adjustable to customers' needs (2 to 9 m3 ). Special attention is dedicated to the design of AGNKS models produced.
In production of such equipment certification and licensing are the necessary components of the responsible approach to the client. You should agree that when high pressure vessels are used there has to be no compromise. Therefore the quality of the equipment of JSC PEC "Sumygazmash" is guaranteed by the international standard ISO 9001:2000. AGNKSs are certified for compliance on the territory of the Russian Federation and are allowed to be used in Russia.


It should be noted that JSC PEC "Sumygazmash" carries out all the spectrum of work on "turnkey" installation of AGNKSs:

- working out of engineering and technological documentation;
- production and testing of equipment on own test benches;
- delivery of equipment to the mounting site or contract supervision;
- commissioning;
- back-up service of the station under a separate contract.

Specialists of the company render assistance in projection of the station at the installation site and consultation of the customer. Besides, staff who will be operating the station, are trained by the producers of the equipment free of charge.

One more advantage of using "Sumygazmash" produced AGNKSs is the unique opportunity of large-scale utilization the coal methane when it is mined from coal layers. Block-modular scheme allows quick mounting and dismantling of equipment, its land transportation. Two AGNKSs produced by JSC PEC "Sumygazmash" were installed on the mine named after A.F.Zasiadko (Donetsk city). Two more stations were put into operationin 2003. Together they supply all vehicle working on the mining site with coal methane. We have mentioned the experience of using AGNKSs in Donetsk. They can be successfully used at the mine workings of Kuzbass and other mines of Russia as well.

Advantages of block-container type CNG stations:

- independence from supplies of petroleum and costly motor fuels;
- costs for fuels and lubricants are cut by three and more times;
- opportunity of consuming gas from low pressure city gas pipeline networks;
- opportunity of using low power electricity networks and air cooling with no water involved, there is no need for heating;
- opportunity of automatic control of how the station works and also automatic shutoff when working parameters exceed the limits;
- opportunity to adjust models of different configuration, productivity depending on the amount of gas-vessel vehicles and gas pressure;
- opportunity to transport the equipment by all transportation means and its exploitation on outdoor plates in climate zones with temperatures ranging -30 to +45 C

Combined with systems of gas preparation the equipment can be installed on stringer gas wells of local importance, coal-bed methane wells and petroleum wells with by passing methane.  

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